We’ll Shape Up Your Trees

We’ll Shape Up Your Trees

Schedule tree trimming service in Newington, GA

You trust Kemp’s Lawn Care Service to take care of your lawn. Did you know that we can also trim your trees? We’ll make sure your trees don’t get out of control. Contact us today to make an appointment for tree trimming service in Newington, Georgia. We also remove tree bands.

Why is it important to trim trees regularly?

Overgrown trees don’t just make your yard look messy—they’re also a safety hazard. Low-hanging branches and heavy limbs can cause your trees to tip over or break. You don’t want to risk damage to your home, car or yard. Scheduling tree trimming service will save you from paying for more expensive services down the line.

Regular tree trimming will also help your trees stay healthy. Cutting away excess tree growth helps the tree thrive. Call Kemp’s Lawn Care Service right away if your trees need a trim. We offer tree trimming service throughout the Newington, GA area.